Lousy Timing, Wrong Motive!

Scripture: “Wait on the LORD…”  Psalms 27:14a NIV

Observation: To wait on the Lord is to stop all activity, quiet yourself, and focus your attention on Him.
(This definition comes from an internet site of essays by A.B. Leeber)

Application: I was so busy reading without expectation or anticipation for what the Lord was going to give me today that I forgot to wait on Him and really care about what He wanted to say to me.  Today’s scriptures were Leviticus 4, 5, 6 and Acts14.  Out of four chapters of the bible the Lord didn’t show me anything, nothing.  He didn’t show me anything because I was hurrying to get through the reading and get today’s nugget so that I could write something “earth shatteringly” astute and be proud that I had completed another day’s entry on the blog.  Lousy timing, wrong motive.  He didn’t have a scripture for me from today’s reading but He did have a scripture for me.  He told me to be patient and “wait on him.”  God wants us to wait on His timing.  God allowed me to not get a word from today’s reading because I wasn’t reading it with the correct mindset or intentions. I wanted to get this devotion done so that I could say “see what I did today,”  then I could get on with my day.  LOUSY TIMING, WRONG MOTIVE!  I pray that I don’t make this mistake again.

Prayer: Father, I’m sorry that my impatience and pride got in your way today. I apologize for not caring about what you had to say to me and any other person that my read this devotion. Help me to slow down and put you first as I read daily. Amen


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