Experiencing God’s Supernatural Power

The following is an excerpt from an email I received from Thomas Griffin.  He and his wife Mandi have an online ministry.  They are one of many emails I receive each day full of encouragement. I am ashamed to say I don’t always read each devotional email I receive.  Today God drew my attention to this one and when I started to read it I new exactly why…I have experienced this and felt God’s direction with such strength that it brought me to tears.  If you have felt this as well be glad and encouraged because God wants us to let go and allow his Holy Spirit to consume us and use us in a supernatural way! So enjoy and let go the next time you feel the Holy Spirit directing you.
Thomas, Thank you so much for sharing in such a personal way!
The last time I felt this compassion of the Lord, I stood at the back of a 200 seat auditorium after just leading worship. As I looked out across the crowd, tears began to violently pour. I didn’t understand what was happening at the time but I know now it was the compassion of the Lord.
I never planned on praying for anyone that night but while I stood at the back of the room, the pastor I was traveling with motioned for me to come to him. I thought he wanted me to come back up to the keyboard and play behind him as he spoke but that wasn’t the case. He asked me to pray. As I began to lay hands on people, tears flowed even stronger. Like a waterfall crashing to rocks, my tears crashed down my cheeks to the floor as I pushed through my trembling to speak the prayer of faith over individuals.
Every person the Lord had me pray for was visibly and physically touched. It reminded me of stories where many came to Jesus and the bible says “He healed them ALL.”
The power of God struck them and my tears started to feel like fire running down my cheek. My heart broke for each person and love wrecked my whole being. All I could do was keep moving from person to person asking Abba to touch them and standing in faith that the healing Jesus paid for would be manifested in their bodies. I felt as if I didn’t keep moving on to another person that my own body could not take the overwhelming compassion, brokenness for the hurting and needy in the measure in which is was coming. The tears flowed for two solid hours.
We saw mighty things. A man who couldn’t bend to even touch his knees was instantaneously healed. Eyesight was healed. Migraines ceased and many more with physical strain were healed. When we came back to our home church a man had sent in before and after scans where tumors had dissipated and stage 4 cancer had vanished. I remembered praying for this man and feeling like I could barely stand under the power of God as I prayed.
All those tears were from Jesus. That compassion was not of this world and I felt it again when I wrote you last night. I know He is healing many even right now as faith is arising. IN JESUS NAME RISE AND BE HEALED!  Many of you are being touched even now. I hear the Lord causing a laughter to come out of your mouth as the sickness melts away! GLORY TO GOD! GLORY TO GOD! If I knew how to write in tongues I would hahahah! Glory to God!
I will stand with you in prayer as I record tomorrow this prayer of faith. I will not eat, I will surrender all of my being to the Lord so that He can move through me as He has promised. He alone is glorified in this. As many of you are being healed you need to call someone and speak healing over them. As you feel the power of God touch you now or as you listen tomorrow, you need to walk though your surroundings and lay lands on the sick that are near you.
You don’t even have to say anything, watch what Jesus will do through you as you are being touched by His power. You don’t need to pray, you just need to receive and be a conduit. Don’t complicate the simplicity of His truth and power. Only believe. There are many of you that will be used to heal others by the Spirit of God while you are being healed.
For some, like how Moses face shined with the Glory of God after He met with God, so will you carry a presence of the Lord that is present to heal. I see in my spirit many will not even say a word but go to others and touch them and the power of God will flow through you. THEN when they ask “what was that?” you will testify simply that “Jesus is healing you both!”
I believe the unsaved will be touched. Jesus healed all who were sick that came to him… believers and sinners alike. If that’s you and you feel that healing power now, GO NOW lay hands on your loved ones, even some while they sleep. Go to your office tomorrow and know you are a carrier of the healing presence of Jesus.. shake hands with people you know need healing and let Jesus minister to them through you! Then testify of His love, compassion and power! Tell them “God is healing you because He loves you and gave himself for you!” What more needs be said? He will draw all men until Himself! Let HIM do the work!
Today before I prayed for one single person, my son came to me and we prayed over a struggle he was going through and in that moment EVERYTHING changed. That was before I even slid out of my covers to wake up.
My friends be encouraged, reach out and touch Jesus. You are HEALED even now. The healer is present to heal because He finished your healing on the cross and it is your season for the manifestation of the healing.
I cant wait to agree with you in faith as I record and release this prayer to you tomorrow. I still have a few people the Lord has laid on my heart to reach out to individually before I release this prayer to those who submitted a prayer request, but it will happen tomorrow Lord willing…and I believe He does WILL IT!
He gave His only son, would He withhold any good thing from you then? Never. He is Our good father!
Thomas and Mandi Griffin + five
Be Blessed,

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