Take Me to the Early Church!

early-church--770x300I’m so hungry for the Holy Ghost and for an awakening to happen! I can feel it in the air! I read today another lover of Jesus Christ who has experienced the fullness of walking in the Spirit here is his desire…
“I remember when Holy Ghost filled churches were a place that you could get supernatural deliverance.
When they were more concerned about the spirit moving than a time schedule.
I remember when the power would sweep through the building and it was genuine & authentic not a lot goofy putting on.
I remember when Pastors taught believers how to walk in the Spirit and how to pray effectively for results.
I remember when the church had all nite prayer shut ins.
Corporate fasts… and supernatural breakthroughs would happen.
I remember when saints knew they weren’t like the world and were loyal & dedicated to ministry. They worked alters and labored in prayer for people to really get converted.
They gave and supported wholeheartedly as unto the Lord.
I remember when believers knew it was a cost .. a sacrifice to be a disciple of Christ.
They wanted you to tell them the truth that would help them mature and stop making excuses.
I remember when they wouldn’t think of skipping service- they came to give to the atmosphere and not take.
So much has changed.. have Devils changed?
Has Satan decided to go easy on everybody?
Has he stopped oppressing people that we don’t need the same old-time power of the Holy Ghost?
I’m convinced that this modern pseudo charismatic church doesn’t have the supernatural flowing simply because it can live without it.  Sad day in America when the saints settle for a lite weight milktoast version of church. Doing “life together” and taking journeys..motivational speeches in dark rooms.

“After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.”  Acts 4:31

Thank you Marlin J Reid for your inspiring words of truth!

Be Blessed, Laurie



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