Project Management 101

Scripture: For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 NIV

Observation: Paul instructs the Ephesians church.

Application: I found this interesting take on Ephesians 2:10 in the Contrib section of my YouVersion bible. The author is trevoroakchurch and it is titled “Project Management 101.”

My work is often focused around projects. Large, complex projects, using vast resources and with significant risk. I also work in an industry that has a poor track record for delivering projects on time and in budget. When things go wrong 3 things are usually to blame
– There was no effective project management
– A clear goal was not established for everyone to aim towards
– The plan was not credible, realistic or adhered to

Yours and my life have got to be some of the most complex projects in the universe. We have been invested with the most precious resource ever (the gospel) and the risks are great. Praise God that these three fundamental issues are in good hands?

Who’s the project manager? God – we are God’s workmanship. He’s the boss. It’s his project. We may have a part to play but in the end he is the one doing the shaping and moulding. What a relief. Such an awesome task is in the hands of someone vastly more capable than you or I. If you have ever worked for a really good manager this is a pleasure. They make the burden light and the project a pleasure. They manage the risks and build the team. Its a joy to be involved.

What’s the project? Good works – created in Christ Jesus to do good works. He set the mission statement, the goals, the “critical success factors” those things that really matter! There is nothing more depressing than a dead end job with no purpose or meaning. We have the greatest purpose ever. To do God’s work!

Who’s got the plan? God – God prepared in advance for us to do. He sets the milestones and the objectives. The pace is set by him and the tasks are prepared for us to. We might not see the whole project plan but we are given our daily part to play.

Prayer: Father, thank you for project managing my life. I pray in Jesus’ name that I bring you honor as I fulfill my assigned tasks and duties. Amen


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