Jesus is Judge

Scripture: Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son. John 5:22 NIV

Observation: Jesus is the judge.

Application: I read through today’s passages and didn’t get anything that jumped out at me. So I asked the Lord to show me a truth and John 5:22 was what he showed me. Jesus is and will be the judge of all men–both living and dead. I believe that I am to take from this passage the thought, “how can a mere man be God’s judge of all mankind?” Many nay-sayers today reject Jesus as God, part two of the Trinity. I believe that God wants to remind me and others today that only God can judge living and dead; Jesus is going to do that; Jesus is God.

Prayer: Thank you Father for the reminder me that Jesus is co-equal in the Trinity. Amen


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