It’s Scripture, Not Politics

Scripture: The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.  Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

Observation: This bit of wisdom confirms what I know to be true.  I wish I could understand it in another way.

Application: As a very political person often times I see political answers in scripture that I read. I know in my heart that God did not inspire Solomon to write into scripture a politically reaffirming fact for Doug in the 21st century. However, it is really easy for a political conservative like me to apply today’s passage to what I know to be obvious truth.  Without going too far afield, I’ve always felt that either liberal political belief was formed and executed to undermine our Capitalist system of government or it was a result of ignorance. In most instances I choose to believe that it is ignorance (foolishness) from which liberalism springs.  King Solomon spoke these words, “wise…right, fool…left.”  I don’t know how else to see or understand this passage except how it speaks to me personally.

Prayer: Father, I’m sorry that I have difficulty separating my faith and my politics at times.  I know that you intend for scripture to lead and guide and give life lessons and not give ammunition to one political ideology over another.  Help me to learn to separate the two. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen


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