A Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday–“Happy Birthday to Me!”

I thought that I would do something slightly different today.  As a present to me I would ask that you  pray for my children, Rodney (Ashley), Grace, Andrew(Heather), and Ashley(Cody).  They are all young adults, starting their own lives separate from me and their Mom, and as such are pursuing schooling, careers and long-term relationships.  I believe that this is a very difficult time for young people to sort out their relationship with Christ, their family and friends and their future spouses.  So my birthday request is simple, I ask that you hold each of these young people up in prayer.  I ask that you specifically pray that they find and nurture healthy, God-centered, and long-lasting relationships that bring honor to God.  Thank you in advance.


2 Replies to “A Birthday Wish”

  1. Sweetheart- you’re the best! My prayer is that our children realize the man you are and the guidance you offer is steeped in love and Christ. I love you…Laurie

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