He Knows, part II

Today is going to be short but not-too-sweet.  Yesterday I wrote about God knowing our hearts and motives. Today it comes home to roost with me. I have this thing about plumbing projects–they never go smoothly. In any type of home repair that doesn’t go well, I call it a “plumbing project.”  That pretty much says it all for me, home repair frustration equals “plumbing project.”  Today I was making a faucet repair and it wasn’t going well. I lost my temper and I used ugly language. God still loves me even though I treat him like that.  I immediately remembered yesterday’s blob and how he knows everything.  I was instantly filled with shame.  Here I am, writing a blog about living for the Lord and when trouble arises I fail miserably!  And all of this after the blessings of safe travel and return for Laurie and a positive outcome from her surgery.  So I want to apologize.  First to God and then to all of you.  I’m sorry for who I am and I ask your forgiveness.  I don’t know what else to say.

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