Dear Friends Are The Lord’s Weapon Against Satan

Scripture: As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.  2 Samuel 22:31 NIV

Observation: David knows the strength in the Lord and he calls upon him with joy and wonder throughout 2 Samuel 22, when you have a moment read the chapter and let it comfort you.

Application: Today was a rough day, reality set in when I lost the keys to the rental car.  The rental woman was less-than-helpful and the thought of paying $400.00 to have this one towed and another brought to me was overwhelming.  Afterall,  on Monday I had to have the original rental replaced after having a flat tire…rats!  The emotional impact of this whole situation in California is getting to me.  The loss of my Dad, Mom’s growing illness, not to mention my thyroid trouble has just about worn me out!  Today, during my daily bible reading I read 2 Samuel 22:31. This passage has been a guidepost for me over the last twenty years.  God is great.  He knew I needed that reminder and he blessed me with that scripture this morning just before I spoke to my friend Cathy Adams.  The whole 22nd chapter of Samuel speaks of our Lord as our deliverer and how we can depend on his Word.  That chapter also speaks to me of how God will give me what I need at the exact time I need it.  This morning after my reading God knew what I needed was Cathy’s husband Bob.  He was God’s weapon for me today against Satan’s attack.  Bob was a calming presence when he arrived and he was the tool God used to help me realize that this trip has not been a waste of time.  Satan had me feeling that I was letting my family down. I was very much overwhelmed.  I was like a child, a child who couldn’t find a lousy set of keys.  Bob, my hero, came over and after 10-15 minutes of looking found the keys on a shelf in the garage.  Losing the keys was the last thing I needed this morning because making decisions for aging parents is difficult enough.   My mom has always had a way of making me feel less than worthy or capable.  My Savior showed me my worth through his Word.  He also showed me his love by giving me friends who are willing to come to my aid time and again.  Thank you Lord for loving me and reminding me of that in 2 Samuel and for giving me Bob and Cathy.

(Bob, Cathy are great friends.  You have been at my side in my darkest hours and today you were lifesavers.  I love you!)

Prayer: Dear Lord, continue to give answers to the questions on how to care for my Mom.  I ask for your guidance on the type of housing she needs.  Thank you for good friends who come when you call for help.  Let me be that type of friend when needed.  Lord, I ask for your help in making the right decisions.  Amen


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