I’m so sorry for the recent inconsistency in our blog.  Last week Laurie had thyroid surgery and will need follow-up treatment to make sure that no nastiness is left inside.  Additionally, this week we were both in California dealing with her mother’s health issues and long-term care and residence.  I had to return home on Wednesday for work and Laurie was supposed to fly back on Mother’s Day.  However, Cali is a mess and she has been delayed and won’t be home until the end of next week.  To say the least, this has been and continues to be a very stressful time for us.  Please be patient.   Pray for Laurie’s health.  Her prognosis is fantastic but without a thyroid she’s POOPED!  Also please remember to pray for her mother Beth.  She is dealing with the recent loss of her husband of nearly 60 years and she is also in failing health.   Thank you.  Doug

P.S.  Hi, Bob and Cathy.  It was so nice to get to escape everything by spending a couple of hours at breakfast with two people who are the salt of the earth!  Thanks for caring for and watching out for Laurie in my absence.  You two are the best.


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