Do Not Go To Hell!

Scripture: Let the righteous rejoice in the LORD and take refuge in him;  let all the upright in heart praise him!  Psalm 64:10 NIV

Observation: We are to find safety in the Lord and be glad.

Application: As I drove to work this morning I was listening to a Christian radio program called “Haven Today.”  The host was interviewing a pastor and author. His most recent book deals in part with eastern philosophy and its influence on our society.  In speaking of some of that influence the author spoke of some studies which had been conducted on near-death experiences.  In essence, he stated that seldom if ever were horrible visions relayed upon the patient being revived. He felt that possibly the disparity between pleasant and dreadful near-death experiences may be the result of the patient being given a glimpse of heaven before hell.  The author felt that possibly since hell is the complete separation from God, one cannot know the sorrow of separation unless they instantaneously, albeit temporarily, experience being in God’s presence.  He felt that may explain why so many more people reported a pleasant experience and not a sorrowful one.  However, on the few occasions when the patient did share the horror of what they had temporarily seen and felt, they relayed such fear and dread that it became a life changing experience for them.
I share this story to say this–DO NOT GO TO HELL.  Don’t permanently and eternally separate yourself from God.  The Psalmist in today’s passage says it best, “Let the righteous rejoice in the LORD and take refuge in him…”  Psalm 64:10a NIV  We can be joyful and safe in God’s care.  That’s where I intend to be at the moment of my passing from this life, safe with the Lord.

Prayer: Father, I want to always sing your praises and rest in your loving embrace.  I know that I do not want to be eternally separated from you I want to take refuge in you. I thank you for that ability in Jesus’ name. Amen


One Reply to “Do Not Go To Hell!”

  1. God bless you dear ones!!! And He is worth every moment of pain, or strife.. never turn away– or not run to Jesus… HE is the ONE who will help us, guide us, save us from that pit of destruction!! Hell isn’t a party… it is torture… and we couldn’t compare our torture here–to there. You all know, thru tough times-He gets us thru!! God bless you!! Know I AM PRAYING!! And His arms are wide open!
    Love you all!!!
    God bless!!!!
    Heather Siebens @AliveinMe

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