All Men Will Hate You

Scripture: All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.  Mark 13:13 NIV

Observation: Jesus is prophesying to his apostles about end times.

Application: The thirteenth chapter of Mark is so filled with prophesy and instruction from Jesus that I believe only a true theologian or student of end times prophesy, neither of which I am, could do it justice.  However, the thirteenth verse did stand out to me. This very thing is happening to us in more and more outrageous ways today.  Christians have become society’s laughing stocks and whipping boys. How sad for Jesus to actually sit with his closest allies and say because of me, you will be hated!  I’m sure his disciples thought he was just speaking of their present, we know he was seeing and speaking of all time, and now it has come to pass, in earnest.  Christians and Christianity are close to becoming outlawed.  Our history is being stripped of its God-loving, Christ following foundation, and Jesus, the God-man that died on a cross for the forgiveness of me and for those that persecute the church, is hated today just exactly as he foretold.  I can’t help it, my feelings get in the way of what I know has to come to be. All of this is prophetic, I know!  But Jesus is my friend and it saddens me when injustice prevails in the name of political correctness. Jesus knew, Jesus knows, it has to be. Time is short. We are hated because of our friend Jesus. We must stand firm, we must be strong.

Prayer: Lord, I’m sad that you are hated because of me and because you are who you are. It’s not right and its not fair.  But, you knew this was going to happen and that it had to happen before all end time prophecy could be fulfilled.  Lord give me the strength to stand firm as I see your church being more and more vilified.  Come quickly Lord. Amen


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