Our God is a God of Details

Scripture: The Book of Leviticus

Observation: For the last few weeks we have been reading Leviticus.  I’ve struggled thinking enough is enough; I’m ready to move on.  Lord, why all these details?  In Leviticus we read about the building of the Tent of Meeting.  This is the place that God’s people brought their offerings.  The plans were given to Moses in such detail, down to the last stitch and candlestick.  Throughout Leviticus we see that with great care the Lord’s plans show us how much the littlest things mean to him.  He teaches about sinful behavior giving us laws that leave no room for misinterpretation.  The Lord tells us how to live daily with detailed plans for farming, business, property ownership, and marriage. He  even gives instruction for mold removal.  Details, details, details, verse after verse.  We learn about the rewards that come with obedience and the consequences of sin.  All these details are for our benefit because he loves us.

Application: During our life we are bound to go through times when we question whether the Lord sees what’s happening.   He sees, he’s interested in the details, the very smallest.  We are his children, he loves us. So all those details , those rules that were written for our safety, those details have a protective purpose in our life.  Our loving Lord doesn’t want us to suffer consequences for our mistakes.  Jesus came so there would be forgiveness, which helps heal the guilt we feel and repairs our relationship with our Lord but those consequences will still exist. So love the details, take them to heart, listen to the smallest requests of our Lord. Like a loving parent he guides us daily, so that one day when we face Him we can, with tears of joy and a loving smile say thank you for loving me.

Prayer: Lord, I love you.  Thank you Jesus for loving me.  I make mistakes every day yet you love me in the smallest way.  You encourage me with your word to live a life full of joy and peace.  I love your details because without them I would be lost. Amen


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