Stop it Doug!

Scripture: “Do not blaspheme God or curse the ruler of your people.  Exodus 22:28 NIV

Observation: We are to neither curse our Lord nor our elected leaders.

Application: I had a vision last night as I drifted off to sleep. I had just watched part of the State of the Union address and I did not handle the president’s slant on reality very well.  I was convicted of my attitude and speech toward President Obama.  The Lord told me to stop it! This morning he gave me Exodus 22:28.  I do not have to like President Obama’s politics. I do not have to “be okay” with the direction he wants our society to go. But I do have to stop cursing him and I have to honor to fact that he is our “ruler.”  “God determines the course of world events; He removes kings and sets others on the throne.” Daniel 2:21. Whether I like President Obama or not is not the issue, my attitude about him is!  God gave me a very clear message last night, I better heed it. I must start amending my attitude and the words that I use to speak of God’s chosen leader.

Prayer: Father, forgive me for my hateful attitude. You are sovereign and it is only by your will that our leaders are in their positions of authority. Help me to curb my tongue and amend my attitude toward politicians with whom I disagree. Amen


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