Why are we so hardheaded?

Scripture: But the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and he would not let the Israelites go.  Exodus 10:20 NIV

Observation: How many times did the Lord have to demonstrate his authority to Pharaoh?  Horrible things were happening to the Egyptians, yet Pharaoh refused to acknowledge God’s soverignity over all creation.

Application: How many times do I just forge ahead without the Lord’s blessing or how often do I face a challenge and think I can handle it without going to the Lord first?  On a whole worldview, how many world tragedies have to happen (in specific locations around the world) before we acknowledge the Lord’s purging of evil from his creation?  Notice how we think we can pickup the pieces with our good will organizations yet those, often times, are usually as corrupt as can be as well and evil endures.

Prayer: Lord certainly your return to earth is coming soon.  You are sending strong messages that sin will not be tolerated.  Lord help me to speak your truth without fear and help me to acknowledge your power over my life seeking your will first in all things.  Amen


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